[Chimera-users] Surface representation

Tom Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Wed Jan 23 22:21:59 PST 2008

Hi James,

  I just added a Chimera command molmap to make a density map from an 
atomic model.  It sums Gaussians for each atom.  If your pseudo-atom 
saxs model is opened as model id 0 you would run it like

    molmap #0 3.75

and it will create the map and display it with volume viewer.  Here the 
resolution is 3.75 and you probably want to try other values.  You can 
add a gridSpacing parameter to get smoother appearance (defaults to 1/3 
resolution).  This command is not yet documented.  It has been in 
Chimera builds for a few days but you should try tonight's build (if it 
succeeds) because I forgot to include some C++ optimization in earlier 



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