[Chimera-users] Questions about homology modelling

Nicholson, Jim jnicholson at anes.umm.edu
Mon Jan 14 11:57:11 PST 2008



I still love Chimera (if you remember my last message), but, I need to
do some homology modelling.  I was using Insight/Homology, but, access
to that software has been taken away.  I'm wondering if anyone on the
Chimera project is using an interface to Modeller or has any
recommendations commands that might be usefull, like adding amino acids
from a sequence, extending the protein, etc.  


Also, the coloring schemes I can see look a little limited.  I regularly
color by charge or hydrophobicity.  I was wondering if there might be
something I'm missing in Chimera?


-Jim Nicholson

Program in Neuroscience

University of Maryland

685 W. Baltimore, St., MSTF 5-11

Baltimore, MD 21201


410-804-5872 (cell)


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