[Chimera-users] selection

Sara Bowen skbowen at asu.edu
Thu Jan 3 10:09:31 PST 2008

I've been going through the chimera tutorial, but I'm having some trouble
selecting anything.  I can select atoms, and the bottom corner of the window
lists what I've selected, but there is no green highlighting in the image.
Then if I try to move anything, the image will move in the side view but not
in the main window.  It seems frozen.  If I select everything or select
nothing, I can still only get the image to move in the side view...not the
main window.  Then if I make the main window full screen, the image is just
fuzzy colors like snow on a out of tune t.v.  Does anybody know what's going
on and how I can fix it?
Sara B. at ASU
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