[Chimera-users] unattended installation on Windows

Conrad Huang conrad at cgl.ucsf.edu
Wed Aug 27 10:01:33 PDT 2008

The Chimera installer is created using InnoSetup 5.2.3.  The 
documentation for command line arguments may be found at 

I've managed to install Chimera remotely using the command

   chimera-1.2540-win32.exe /verysilent /log=chimera.log

It took about two minutes to do the installation.  I was logged in via 
Cygwin ssh and running bash, so you'll probably have to make some 


Nelson, Lisa wrote:
> Hello,
> I am not a chimera user; I'm an IT person.  I have been asked to provide this application for next semester on our walk-up Windows computers for students.  I have downloaded the necessary Windows installation materials, but I cannot find any documentation about command line parameters for the installation process itself, and the installation executable does not appear to be one of the usual suspects that I'm familiar with.  Specifically, I'm looking for a way to do unattended, silent installation from a batch file.
> Attended installation is not an option as there are thousands of computers involved.
> Thanks for any help anybody can provide.
> I am not on the chimera mailing list, so please send replies privately.  (The "contact us" webpage appears to give me the option of e-mailing to this list even though I'm not a member, so since I have only this one question and no particular need to subscribe, I've done it this way.)
> Thanks,
> Lisa.
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