[Chimera-users] saving maps generated with molmap - origin?

Grigore Pintilie pintilie at mit.edu
Tue Aug 19 08:10:52 PDT 2008


I'm wondering why when I generate a density map from a pdb structure
(using the molmap command) and then save it, once I reopen it it seems
to have shifted with respect to the structure. I'm noticing that
before saving it, the generated map has a certain origin (shown in the
Coordinates pane in the Volume Viewer), and then when I reopen it the
origin appears as 0 0 0. If I copy the origin shown initially and then
paste it into the origin of the opened file, this shifts the map to
the correct position, but why isn't the right origin saved with the

I'm using alpha version 1 build 2509 2008/05/01, platform win32

Many thanks,


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