[Chimera-users] version 1.2540 stability

Tom Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Thu Aug 14 11:21:42 PDT 2008

Hi James,

Updating your graphics driver is the best hope, though it only 
occasionally helps.  Problems specific to older graphics cards may never 
be fixed.  Not sure what Chimera graphics features changed that caused 
your problem.  Would help to know what type of data is being displayed 
when the problems occur, only molecules, only maps, what display 
styles?  For map display the Chimera 1.2540 uses opengl vertex buffer 
objects which were not used in older Chimera versions.  Gives a 2-3x 
speed-up.  No way to disable that optimization in Chimera currently but 
I plan on adding a switch.

There is a previous Chimera bug report Radeon X1400 graphics driver issue:


James Fethiere wrote:
> Dear Tom,
> thanks for your reply, but it didn't change anything; the problem 
> remains.  Moving back to version 1.2509 of last May made it go away; 
> but this is only a temporary solution. The graphics card is an ATI 
> Radeon Mobility X1400.  Next step I guess will be to update the 
> driver!  Any other suggestions?
> James
> Tom Goddard wrote:
>> Hi James,
>>  Chimera memory use has not changed significantly.  More likely your 
>> problems are due to graphics driver bugs.  You might try turning off 
>> multisampling (opengl optimization that smooths edges).  Use menu 
>> entry Tools / Viewing Controls / Effects and see if "multisampling" 
>> is on -- this depends on whether your graphics card supports it.  If 
>> it is on turn it off (false).  Use the Save button on the Effects tab 
>> if this solves your instability problems and then it will be off each 
>> time you start Chimera.
>>    Tom
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