[Chimera-users] problem with the volume display in version 1.2540

Tom Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Fri Aug 1 11:59:49 PDT 2008

Hi Magali,

  I suspect you are running Linux and using Mesa (maybe version 6.5.x).  
The new Chimera version 1.2540 uses OpenGL optimization (vertex buffer 
objects) that makes surfaces display 2-3x faster than earlier Chimera 
versions (1.2470).  But Mesa which is the OpenGL implementation used on 
Linux if you have not installed a graphics driver has a bug with vertex 
buffer objects that causes the sliced bread appearance you observe.

  To fix this you should install a graphics driver (from Nvidia or ATI 
depending on your graphics card).  This will also give you much faster 
rendering (10-100x faster).  Updating your Mesa to the latest version 
might fix the problem but I have not tried that and rendering would be 
done without hardware acceleration which is slow.

  Currently there is no way in Chimera to turn of the vertex buffer 
object optimization.

  The Chimera web page on graphics driver problems gives some hints 
about how to install a graphics driver if you have not done this before.



Magali Cottevieille wrote:
> Hi,
> I have just installed version 1.2540 of Chimera (I had before version 
> 1.2470). There is a problem with MRC and SPIDER EM volumes: see 
> attached image: left a volume in the new Chimera; right the same 
> volume with the old Chimera. Is it a bug, or linked to my configuration??
> Thanks in advance,

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