[Chimera-users] Bouding box dimensions

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Mon Apr 14 15:33:00 PDT 2008

Hi Damien,

   Chimera only uses bounding boxes aligned with the PDB file axes. 
Such bounding boxes are rarely useful for molecules so there is no user 
interface to display them or measure them.  But a few lines of Python 
code can do it

 >>> from chimera import viewer as v
 >>> v.showBound = True
 >>> from chimera import openModels as om
 >>> b = om.bbox()[1]
 >>> print b.urb - b.llf
26.2573 27.6848 23.0826

Open your PDB file and type these command to the Chimera Python shell 
(menu Tools / General Controls / IDLE).  Or put them in a file with 
suffix ".cmd" (without the >>> prompt) and open that script in Chimera. 
  The box size output would appear in the reply log (Favorites / Reply log).


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