[Chimera-users] Saving model positions

Tom Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Tue Feb 27 09:43:32 PST 2007

Hi Christopher,

  If you have 10 models open in a Chimera session and you close model 
number 7, the session should still save correctly.  If it doesn't please 
report it as a bug.  Unfortunately restoring the session file uses 
different model numbers for the density maps (the lowest available 
numbers).  That is a bug that I need to fix.  It should use all of the 
original model numbers even if there are gaps.  Even though the model 
numbers will change, the orientations of all the models 1-6 and 8-10 
will all be correct in the restored session.

  I sent your earlier email to our Chimera users mailing list.  That is 
why your reply to me went to that mailing list.  I like to post the 
questions to the mailing list so others can benefit from the answer and 
I remove any confidential information (email, phone, signature line, 
research details).  Let me know if you want to keep your questions off 
of the Chimera mailing list.  Here's the message where I posted your 
original question and my reply.



Christopher Akey wrote:
> Thomas -
> This went via reply to some kinda list, sorry.
> I will try some of these approaches. However, there is a question. If
> you have 10 objects in a session, and decide to delete number 7, then
> sometimes you cannot get the session to save properly with a missing
> number.
> In theory, if one could get the session to save, then a matrix for the
> first 6 objects would still work?
> cheers  C Akey

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