[Chimera-users] copy cmd in nogui script

Randy Heiland heiland at indiana.edu
Fri Feb 9 07:46:52 PST 2007

What cmd should I invoke in a --nogui script to copy the rendered image
to a file?

>From the interactive viewer cmd line, I can successfully execute 'copy
file foo.png png'; however, when trying to execute the following:

% chimera --nogui cmd:dostuff
where 'dostuff' is:
open 1yc4
color byelement #0
copy file foo.png png

I get:
Fetching 1yc4 from web site www.rcsb.org
Done fetching 1yc4; verifying...
Opening 1yc4...
1 model opened
Opened 1yc4 containing 1 model, 1890 atoms, and 427 residues
Rendering high resolution image...Error while processing cmd:dostuff:
AttributeError: '_chimera.NoGuiViewer' object has no attribute
(see reply log for Python traceback info)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/heiland/chimera/build/share/__main__.py", line 59, in ?
    value = chimeraInit.init(sys.argv)
  File "CHIMERA/share/chimeraInit.py", line 298, in init
  File "CHIMERA/share/chimera/__init__.py", line 1217, in open
  File "CHIMERA/share/Midas/ChimeraExtension.py", line 28, in func
    #        lswdir = os.path.split(thisdir)[0]
  File "CHIMERA/share/Midas/midas_text.py", line 91, in
  File "CHIMERA/share/Midas/midas_text.py", line 60, in makeCommand
  File "CHIMERA/share/Midas/midas_text.py", line 542, in doCopy
  File "<string>", line 1, in ?
  File "CHIMERA/share/Midas/__init__.py", line 795, in copy
  File "CHIMERA/share/chimera/printer.py", line 705, in saveImage
AttributeError: '_chimera.NoGuiViewer' object has no attribute

thanks, Randy

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