[Chimera-users] Drawing Artifacts

Albion Baucom baucom at msg.ucsf.edu
Thu Feb 8 12:10:35 PST 2007

Using the latest stable current production release of Chimera,  
1.2304, I have begun to experience some drawing problems that I never  
had in previous versions.

Specifically I frequently get a thin wireframe rendering of my  
protein structure when I draw the structure as a ribbon with a volume  
open at the same time. This wire frame persists even when I turn the  
display of the molecule off in the model panel, and it also does not  
rotate or translate if the protein is selected as the only active  
object. In effect it leaves behind a ghost image. Curiously this  
representation alternates from a light gray/white color to black when  
I open dialog boxes. The artifact toggles on and off with the volume  
in some instances.

My processing and graphics hardware have not changed recently, nor  
has operating system (Linux). I do not experience this behavior with  
my last version of Chimera, 1.2199; it never renders this artifact.

I have a nVidia Geforce 6800GT graphics card with the nVidia Linux  
drivers 1.0-9746. My X11 server is version 6.8.2.

Here is a screen image of this phenomenon


I have rotate the model slightly to show that the thin wireframe  
stays behind. It is not a separate object in the model panel.



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