[Chimera-users] Mac laptop benchmark

Tom Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Tue Feb 6 20:45:24 PST 2007

Hi Jeff,

  I ran the Chimera benchmark tool on my new MacBook Pro and got scores:

    surface 543   mesh 545   contour 183   solid 256   recolor 132

But running hand tests I see the real surface/mesh scores should be 
380.  It appears the benchmark no longer is reporting correct scores 
either because a graphics driver optimization is speeding things up 
because the test image is not actually displayed, or Chimera code has 
changed (perhaps no longer guaranteeing the OpenGL buffers are 
swapped).  Probably other scores on the Chimera benchmark web page are 
likewise inaccurate.  This will have to be investigated.  At any rate, 
actual surface rendering is about 65% faster than my Dell Precision 
M50.  A test on a GeForce Go 7400 (aka Quadro NVS 120M) in a new Dell 
Lattitude D820 also gave erroneous scores, but hand testing gave surface 
rendering score 420 and horrible mesh (110) and solid (<20) numbers.


Jeff wrote:
> could you run the benchmark on your mac? (I have run it on my 
> workstation, but forgot the scores; will do again and compare)
> -jeff

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