[Chimera-users] Question on how to represent only chain A of Chimera

nsomboon at berkeley.edu nsomboon at berkeley.edu
Thu Feb 1 20:11:53 PST 2007


  I need help.  I received the modeling structures of my query (black) and
the best representative 1qopB (magenta) through MODWEB, and used Chimera
to visualize them (please see attached file).  However, the magenta
structure also contains 1qopA, in which I only want the 1qopB and don't
want the 1qopA.  I read through tutorials but cannot find a way to get
rid of the chain A of the 1qop.

  Hence, could you please direct me of how to cut out chain A of 1qop in
this attached file?  Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,
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