[Chimera-users] anyone using chimera on a an IBM T43p

Jeff triffo at rice.edu
Thu Feb 1 10:28:42 PST 2007


I have an IBM T43p (June '05 or so release) which has an ATI FireGL 
v3200 (Mobility). In XP, it isn't possible to try out drivers from the 
vendor, I am limited to drivers from IBM.

In Linux, I have been able to install proprietary drivers from ATI, but 
there is no selection for the 'Mobility' version of the v3200 on ATI's 
website; the install has not complained though, and basic stuff appears 
to be fine (GUI is ok, glxgears, etc).

In both XP and Linux, chimera will crash when attempting to use volume 
maps. It appears fine with pdb files, although I typically work with 
volume data so haven't rigorously tested that.

I have been assuming that the FireGL v3200 (Mobility) is the same logic 
as the v3200, at least documentation I have been able to find seems to 
imply that.

Does anyone know (or suggest) a chimera-stable driver version from ATI 
that I might test? I might at least be able to get it to work in Linux, 
as the driver suite downloaded from ATI appears to cover most 
late-generation cards.

thanks for any suggestions,


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