[Chimera-users] setting pdb path for local mirror

Moo Cow moocow at mindless.com
Mon Dec 17 05:12:55 PST 2007

Sorry for an easy question.
Chimera has a hook to use a local mirror of the PDB (preferences-PDB)
I am too thick to see what path to give it. If you have the PDB,
you have the top level
the structure directory
and the divided directory

When a non-python reader looks at the code (__init__.py), it
seems to be trying out the divided directory

    IDcode = IDcode.lower()
    subpath = IDcode[1:3] + os.sep + "pdb" + IDcode + ".ent"
    pdbDir = systemPDBdir()
    	if pdbDir is not None:
but this does not look correct. The PDB divided path would want
    subpath  IDcode[1:2]
to get the subdirectory "pt" from a file like "5pti"

Many thanks and sorry for a seemingly daft question.

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