[Chimera-users] printing "zone" search

Ryan pavlovicz.7 at osu.edu
Fri Dec 14 16:55:39 PST 2007

Hi Eric, thanks for your help.  I'm getting closer to achieving the results i'd like.

So i've been able to properly select the residues within a specified radius of my ligand, but am a little confused as to how Chimera handles the selection list.  If i try:

  print chimera.selection.currentResidues()

i get a list like this:

  > [<_chimera.Residue object at 0x578d2020>, <_chimera.Residue object at 0x578cbfb0>, ... ]

but if i try:
  for x in chimera.selection.currentResidues():
    print x

i get output that is much closer to what i'm looking for:

  > #0:499
  > #0:496
  > ...

What is the reason for the difference between these two forms of output that seem to be accessing the same list?  Also, is there a way i can get more detailed output with residue names and numbers, such as ['#0:TYR499','#0:TRP496',...]?  

Sorry if these questions are answered elsewhere, but i could not find the answers online.  Is there a document out there that can teach me how to better master the Chimera Python modules for scripting?  I'm no Python expert -- i've so far only been learning things as i need them.  Thanks again,


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