[Chimera-users] Multi-scale models and BIOMT

Ken Jang kenjang at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 13:24:21 PST 2007


I work at Boston University working mostly with pili and helical
reconstructions.  Recently we have been trying to fit our subunit structures
into maps generated from EM data.  Because what we work with are helical in
nature, we use BIOMT symmetry since it is the easiest to generate using
readily available data.  We wanted to see just how close our subunits get
and wanted to use the MSC or Color Zone commands, but we have run into a
problem with the Multi-Scale Models command.

Since we are using the same BIOMT data, we assumed that Multi-Scale Models
would use the same origin and orientation.  This appears to be the case if
we don't move the subunit structure after opening it, but after we move the
subunit, the generated models don't seem to be in any relavent orientation.
 I have attached two pictures, both from the same view, and one showing the
placement of the subunits using the 'sym' command and the other showing the
surface models using Multi-Scale models.  Both cases were generated off the
same selected subunit.

Any advice or clarification on how to use Mult-Scale Models and BIOMT
information would be greatly appreciated.

   Be seeing you-
      Ken Jang
         -and all places are alike to me
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