[Chimera-users] how to export the volume data which is stored in the memory?

Tom Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Mon Dec 3 19:07:15 PST 2007

Hi Zhiheng,

  Chimera keeps the map in memory if it is being displayed.  You can see 
if your maps are in memory using the Chimera volume dialog menu entry 
Features / Data Display Options and pressing the data cache "Current 
use" button.  If your map is displayed with step size > 1 then only a 
subsampled copy of the map is in memory (e.g. every other data plane).

  The fact that you get an IO error when trying to save the map from 
Chimera with volume dialog menu entry File / Save map as... suggests 
that the map is not all in memory and is trying to read the map in order 
to write the full resolution file.  If you sent the Chimera traceback I 
could give a more definitive answer.  There is no capability to write 
out just the subsampled part of the map which is in memory.


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