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guiqing at mailer.sb.fsu.edu guiqing at mailer.sb.fsu.edu
Mon Aug 27 20:38:10 PDT 2007

Thank you, Tom. It is good that command matrixget can fix the problem.
Hi Guiqing,

The "fit model in map" and "fit map in map" tools (menu Tools / Volume
Data) report the relative translation and rotation of two models.  But
if you are not doing a fit I don't know of an easy way to get that
information.  There is the "matrixget" command that writes rotation and
translation matrices (3 by 4 matrix) for each model but that would
require some calculation to extract a rotation angle and translation.

Do you want the relative orientation between two models, or just the
absolute orientation of a single model on the screen?  What center of
rotation do you want?  If you choose a different center of rotation then
the displacement is different.

A pretty simple Python script could give the desired information.
I've attached an example script that you can open in Chimera (use File /
Open) to report the relative position of two models.



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