[Chimera-users] benchmark results 1.2422-linux_x86_64

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Tue Aug 21 12:18:52 PDT 2007

Hi Greg,

Tuesday 21 August 2007, Greg Couch wrote:
 | Are you sure there aren't any 32-bit shared libraries loaded? 
 | Because if there are, then you will save a lot of memory by using
 | the 32-bit version of chimera.  Also the 32-bit version of chimera
 | is faster because it pushs around less memory (the data structures
 | are smaller).
thanx, i'm aware of this. no, i didn't put any 32bit libs on this 
machine until it is really essential. the only thing that does not 
work at all is flashplugin from macromedia, that is only 32bit for 
linux available. everything else is natively running 64bit. chimera 
as well is running fine from what i use/can see now. great work to 

 | The benchmark scores are inline with what one would expect from an
 | integrated graphics solution.  If you want higher scores, you need
 | to use ATI or NVidia graphics.
ok, i see. unfortunately this is a laptop, so no option to change 
this. thanx for information

 | And yes, chimera is not multi-threaded.  There are some
 | computations within chimera that would benefit, but the most
 | benefit comes from when OpenGL is multi-threaded and the newer
 | graphics drivers are (NVidia, Apple today, more coming).

great. thanx for this explaination. 

best regards,


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