[Chimera-users] Frozen chimera

hsosa at aecom.yu.edu hsosa at aecom.yu.edu
Mon Aug 20 08:30:51 PDT 2007

I have the following problem:
When rotating molecules or volumes the whole computer freezes for a 
while. Sometimes recover and will freeze again after a few more molecule 
movements. Sometimes the  whole system crash, the  blue screen appear 
and a whole  reboot is needed.   
 The problem most likely is  graphic card related. I did reported it 
before and was suggested to change the driver.   I did but it did not 
solve the problem.
My system currently is as follow:

Chimera 1.2422
Windows XP service pack-2
Dell Precision 530 with Dual Xeon 1.4 GHZ processors and 1 GB RAM

Graphic Card:
NVDIA Quadro 900 XGL
Video BIOS version 4.25.0027.05
ForceWare version: 78.01

Before I had:
ForceWare version  91.36

So both of these video driver had problems.

 I wonder if anybody has experienced something similar and found the 
right driver.



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