[Chimera-users] sym command in Chimera

Zeynep Gerek Nevin.Gerek at asu.edu
Wed Aug 15 22:39:35 PDT 2007

Hi Tom,
Thanks for the link. I followed installation instructions and it worked. Thanks again.


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Hi Nevin,

  I just now tested the sym command with Chimera 1.2422 and it worked 
without problems.  Perhaps you did not find the installation 
instructions.  See the "installation" link for the Symmetric Molecule 
Copies entry at the bottom of the Chimera experimental features page.


The SymmetryCopies directory has to go in 

  Use the symmetrycopies.zip file from the above web page.  I've deleted 
the version from the original Chimera discussion group posting


(although I tested it with 1.2422 and it also worked).


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