[Chimera-users] Request

Christoph Best best at biochem.mpg.de
Mon Aug 13 15:32:27 PDT 2007

Greg Couch writes:
 > You don't say which version of linux you're using, but I have seen that 
 > error on 64-bit Debian Linux systems (so the same problem would occur with 
 > Ubuntu).  If you were running 64-bit Red Hat or SuSe Linux, it should have 
 > worked.  We are investigating an alternative compliation environment 

Debian "Etch" Stable still uses a 2.3.6 libc, and it seems that in the
installer executable there are symbol references from 2.4. Curiously,
the other executables and libraries don't seem to require 2.4, just
2.3. The only symbol from 2.4 is __stack_chk_failed, which might
indicate that something there was compiled with the -fstack-protector
(Stack overflow protection) feature, which is only supported from
gcc-4.1 and glibc 2.4.

Debian "Sid" Unstable or "Lenny" Testing (which are quite stable
despite the name, "testing" being more stable than "unstable") have
2.6 libcs.  Ubuntu switched to a 2.4 libc with the Edgy release (6.10,
i.e. October 2006). On our AMD64 Ubuntuns, Chimera 1.2422 runs fine.


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