[Chimera-users] changing center of rotation

Jonathan Hilmer jkhilmer at gmail.com
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Although I haven't used EMAnimator, you can set the center of rotation
within Chimera using the Set Pivot action:

There's also Tools/Movement/Rotation, and lastly, you can edit
structures to insert artificial points at extreme high/low XYZ
locations, which will in effect manually set the center used via the
'center of models' option.  I wouldn't recommend the last option
unless you have a good reason to do so, but it does work.


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> Can anybody tell me how to use EMANIMATOR to make a movie of a molecule rotating. If I use the spin option, it uses the axis (0 1 0) but my molecule is not center at 0 0 0. Is there a way to fix the rotation center to the center of the molecule, or to the center of the view?
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