[Chimera-users] rotating molecules for movies

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Mon Oct 30 12:18:46 PST 2006

Hi Wendy,

  The "Offset" field in the EMANimator spin settings controls the
center of rotation.  I don't see any option to put the rotation center
at the center of the molecule.  It looks like the only approach is to
type in the numeric coordinates for the center.  (This tool was
written by Steve Ludtke so I do not know all its nuances.)  Here's how
you can figure out the right values.  Select some or all atoms of the
molecule which will be used to compute the center of rotation.  Use
menu entry Actions / Set Pivot.  The rotation center coordinates will
be shown in the status line at the bottom of the Chimera main window
(and in the reply log, menu entry Favorites / Reply log).  Use the
negative of those coordinates for the offset field in the Spin

  If you only need to spin a molecule around you could make a movie
with the Chimera Movie Recorder instead of EMANimator.  Make a Chimera
command script like:

movie record
roll y 3 120
wait 120
movie stop
movie encode mformat mov output /usr/local/src/staff/goddard/test.mov

in a file movie.cmd and open movie.cmd in Chimera.

  EMANimator is better for composing more complex movies.


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