[Chimera-users] Writing a .x3d file that other programs can read

Esther Bullitt bullitt at medusa.bu.edu
Wed Jun 7 13:20:34 PDT 2006


I am having trouble exporting a .x3d file in a format which  programs that
convert .x3d data to VRML data can read.

The error message for one of them is:

Xj3D Version: 1_0

Device found: Mouse-0
Device found: Keyboard-0
Error: Unexpected Exception:
Unknown field name: chimera:hither for node:
org.web3d.vrml.renderer.ogl.nodes.navigation.OGLViewpoint at 1080876
Error: Failed to load file

The ultimate goal is to have a VRML file that includes both the EM surface
map and the pdb subunit structure together in a file that can be read by
one of the companies that laser etches the structure into a glass cube.

Some companies can read the pdb, some the VRML, but none can read both.
Chimera says the .x3d can be converted into .vrml if there are no
clipping planes or perspective, which there are not.  But I still get this

Any suggestions, pls?

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