[Chimera-users] control the movie play speed

Mingfeng Yang mfyang at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 11:52:01 PST 2006

Eric Pettersen wrote:
> Hi Mingfeng,
>     It hadn't occurred to me that one might want more than a 1-second 
> delay per frame (which is what you get when the slider is all the way 
> over to the left).  Maybe I can do something about that in the future.
>     You can define a script to avoid all that clicking.  Use the Movie 
> dialog's Per-Frame->Define Script... menu entry to bring up a panel 
> that allows you to define a script to run at each frame.  You can 
> define a script of Chimera commands or Python commands.  For what you 
> describe, Chimera commands can do the job.  In the "Script" field just 
> enter "copy file <FRAME>.png png".  When the command is executed, 
> "<FRAME>" will be replaced with the current frame number.  You might 
> want to check the "Use leading zeroes..." check button so that the 
> files sort into the correct order when you 'ls' them.  Then just run 
> your trajectory (probably with the "Loop" button checked off).
Bravo! This command rocks. Thanks!
I should forward this to the mailing list; someone else must want to 
know it.

> --Eric
> On Jan 31, 2006, at 11:16 AM, Mingfeng Yang wrote:
>> Hi, Eric,
>> I did get  your email. I am sorry that I didn't get back to you in 
>> time. The position of the slider does control the playback rate, but 
>> even the slowest is not slow enough for my case. I want at least a 
>> second pause after each snapshot, so that people can see the 
>> conformational change clearly. Finally, I just export every snapshot 
>> as png image and make a gif movie by connecting all the snapshots. 
>> Though I have to spend more time on it, this way gave me better 
>> picture quality.
>> Can I define a script which automatically export each frame in the MD 
>> trajectory as png image? It's really a pain to click "save as" again 
>> and again.
>> Eric, you are such a nice person. Thank you very much!
>> Mingfeng
>> Eric Pettersen wrote:
>>> Hi Mingfeng,
>>>     Did you get my mail where I attached the two MPEG-4 files?
>>> --Eric
>>> On Jan 27, 2006, at 2:01 PM, Mingfeng Yang wrote:
>>>> Eric Pettersen wrote:
>>>>> Hi Mingfeng,
>>>>> You can use the main interface's playback slider to change the 
>>>>> rate that frames are played back.  With the slider to the far 
>>>>> right there is no delay between frames, with it to the far left 
>>>>> there is a one-second delay between frames.  This interacts with 
>>>>> recording just like you would expect -- extra frames get recorded 
>>>>> during the delay which produces a movie with the same apparent 
>>>>> playback speed as with a non-recorded playback.
>>>> Hi, Eric,
>>>> Thank you for your replay! But actually, the recorded playback is 
>>>> more faster than the non-recorded playback. I tried the slider at 
>>>> different position many times. BTW: I save the movie as mpeg 
>>>> format. As usual, gentoo linux, chimera buld 2186.
>>>> Mingfeng

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