[Chimera-users] Benchmarks

Mingfeng Yang mfyang at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 12:46:33 PDT 2005

I had a completely different and unhappy experience with my FireGL 8800 
card. Really, the non-proprietory driver give me better performance. A 
simple comparison is, glxgears give ~2700fps for non-proprietory driver, 
but only ~1600fps for ATI fglrx driver. I did all possible tweaks for 
xserver configuration (xorg.conf); ATI driver always lose. I know that 
glxgears is not for benchmark, but it's the same machine. Rendering a 
picture with non-proprietory driver is also faster.  Probably the bad 
luck is just for FireGL 8800 card; hopefully other higher end card will 
do better.


Greg Couch wrote:

> You really should use the ATI graphics driver instead of the 
> non-propreitory one.  Some stuff will benchmark better with the 
> non-proprietory one, but the overall quality and speed, across all of 
> OpenGL features, will be better with the proprietory one.  The 
> benchmarks only measure speed.
>     - Greg

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