[Chimera-users] new version available

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Mon Oct 24 11:01:44 PDT 2005

Hi Mingfeng,

  Years ago we encouraged people to use the system Python installed on
their computer when running Chimera.  Now we discourage that and
include Python with every Chimera distribution.  Chimera uses about 20
compiled Python modules.  We compile these modules against the version
of Python we distribute.  There were many problems when these modules
were used with other Python distributions.  Not only did minor version
differences (2.4.1 versus 2.4.2) cause modules to break, but even
having the exact same Python version compiled with a different
compiler could cause things to break (eg. dynamic libraries might not have
C++ code initialized).  So we recommend only using the included Python
when running Chimera.


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