[Chimera-users] Benchmarks

Mingfeng Yang mfyang at gmail.com
Sat Oct 22 08:44:34 PDT 2005

Just realized there must be some benchmarks on chimera's webpages, and I 
found them. :)

Glad to provide the benchmarks from my systems.

Benchmark 1:
  Computer: IBM T41
  Graphics Card: ATI  Radeon mobility M7 (32M?, not 100% sure)
  CPU: pentium-m 1.4GHz
  System Memory: 512M
  OS: Ubuntu GNU/LINUX 5.10
  Driver for video card: the built-in open-source radeon driver from 
Xorg-x11 6.8.2
   Chimera: version 1 build 2176
  Benchmark scores: surface 147  mesh 127  contour 133  solid 128  
recolor 68

Benchmark 2:
  Computer: HP XW5500 workstation
  Graphics Card: ATI FireGL 8800 (128M memory)
  CPU: pentium-4 2.4GHz
  System Memory: 512M
  OS: Gentoo GNU/LINUX
  Driver for video card: ATI fglrx driver 8.14.30
  Chimera: version 1 build 2176
  Benchmark score:  surface 234  mesh 227  contour 142  solid 256  
recolor 107

Something is confusing me. As you see that scores from benchmark 2 are 
higher than scores from benchmark 1. But in case that I want to save a 
protein structure as a png file, the rendering in system 1 is nearly two 
times faster. How can this happen?

Mingfeng Yang

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