[Chimera-users] regarding coloring

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Wed Aug 24 11:22:48 PDT 2005

Hi M. Dutta,

  I'm not clear whether you want to color a density map of a virus,
or a PDB model.

  If you want to color the density map there is a new tool called
"Color Zone" (menu Tools / Volume Data / Color Zone) that lets you
color patches of surfaces near selected atoms or markers.  If you have
an atomic model docked to the map, you can color the atoms, select
them, then use Color Zone to color the surface within some specified
distance of the atoms.  If you don't have a docked model, you can
place markers on the density map using the Volume Path Tracer tool
(menu Tools / Volume Data / Volume Path Tracer).  The markers behave
just like atoms -- they can be colored and have their colors painted
onto nearby surface patches.

  This Color Zone tool is only in Chimera version 1.2154 (the latest
snapshot release) which is only available on Linux and Mac right now.
I could provide you the Color Zone tool separately to work with the
Windows Chimera version 1.2143 if needed.

  Documentation for Color Zone is available by pressing the Help button
on the Color Zone dialog.  We don't have online documentation for it yet.


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