[Chimera-users] shininess/brightness/specular color of surfnet surfaces

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Sun Jan 4 11:57:20 PST 2004

Hi Sabuj,

  The Surfnet surfaces are handled in Chimera as VRML (Virtual Reality
Markup Language) models.  The shininess control does not work on VRML
models.  Also session saving does not save VRML models so they need to
be recreated each time you use Chimera.

  We have been using VRML models in Chimera less and less because they
do not support some basic capabilities as you have found.  We have another
type of surface model used for displaying volumetric data (isosurfaces).
To fix the lack of shininess control for Surfnet surfaces, we probably
should make Surfnet use the other type of surface model instead of VRML.
That will require us to write some new code.  Even with that change you
still won't be able to save the surfnet surface -- it will still need to
be recomputed.


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