MindTerm SSH Java Applet

MindTerm is a SSH client written in Java. The URL you have just accessed will
download and start the MindTerm SSH client. After a few moments, a new window
should appear on your workstation with a login prompt in it. Use your socrates
user id and password to log in just like a telnet session. (For security reasons,
www.cgl.ucsf.edu [which is really host socrates] is the only host you can connect
to in this SSH session. Just hit the return key after you see "www.cgl.ucsf.edu"
in the MindTerm window.)

Note for Macintosh OS X users: Mindterm should work just fine with Safari or Mozilla,
but probably not with older versions of Netscape Navigator because this browser
uses it's own java runtime environment. Sorry, but all bets are off for OS 9 users.

Note for Windows 95/98/NT users: If MindTerm starts up with a tiny/unusable
window and the message in the java console is ``BorderLayout: cannot add to layout:
unknown constraint: null'', you need to upgrade to a more recent version of Microsoft's
java virtual machine (VM), found here.

This page last updated on 13aug04 by tef@cgl.ucsf.edu