Very Old Sparky Releases

If you are running an older operating system and the current Sparky release does not work, you can try an old version of Sparky.

The following Sparky versions date from 1999 - 2001 and use Python 1.5.2 for extensions.

Sparky Binary Distributions
Operating System Hardware Distribution Version Released
Windows 95/98/NT/00/ME/XP x86 3.103 11/12/01
Linux 2.2.19 glibc2.1 x86 sparky-linux-glibc21.tar.gz 3.100 6/18/01
Linux 2.2.1 glibc2.0 x86 sparky-linux-glibc20.tar.gz 3.69 6/1/99
IRIX 6.5.12f SGI sparky-sgi65.tar.gz 3.100 6/18/01
IRIX 5.3 SGI sparky-sgi53.tar.gz 3.69 6/1/99
Solaris 8 Sun Sparc sparky-solaris8.tar.gz 3.100 6/18/01
Solaris 2.5.1 Sun Sparc sparky-solaris25.tar.gz 3.98 2/15/01
Tru64 Unix 5.0 DEC Alpha sparky-dec5.tar.gz 3.100 6/18/01
Digital Unix 4.0d DEC Alpha sparky-dec4.tar.gz 3.95 7/14/00

Python Language for Sparky Extensions

You will need Python 1.5.2 if you wish to run or write Sparky extensions for the very old Sparky releases. It will not work with newer versions of Python. You can get a version I have compiled and tested with Sparky from the table below, or you can get it in source form from the Python web page

Python 1.5.2 Binary Distributions
Operating System Hardware Download
Windows 95/98/NT x86 py152.exe installer
Linux 2.2.9 glibc2.1 x86 py152-linux-glibc21.tar.gz
Linux 2.2.1 glibc2.0 x86 py152-linux-glibc20.tar.gz
IRIX 6.5 SGI py152-sgi65.tar.gz
IRIX 5.3 SGI py152-sgi53.tar.gz
Solaris 2.5.1 Sun Sparc py152-solaris25.tar.gz
OSF 4.0d DEC Alpha py152-dec4.tar.gz

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