Selected Journal Publications

Molecular Structure of Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid and Nucleoprotein.
M. Feughelman, R. Langridge, W.E. Seeds, A.R. Stokes, H.R. Wilson, C.W. Hooper, M.H.F. Wilkins, R.K. Barclay, and L.D. Hamilton.
Nature 175, 834-838 (1955).

The Molecular Configuration of Deoxyribonucleic Acid.: Molecular Models and their Fourier Transforms.
R. Langridge, D.A. Marvin, W.E. Seeds, H.R. Wilson,C.W. Hooper, M.H.F. Wilkins and L.D. Hamilton.
J. Mol. Biol. 2, 38-64 (1960).

Calculation of the Fourier Transform of a Helical Molecule.
R.Langridge, M.P. Barnett, and A.F. Mann.
J. Mol. Biol. 2, 63-64 (1960).

The Structure of RNA.
R. Langridge and P.J. Gomatos.
Science 141, 694-698 (1963).

The Structure of a DNA-RNA Hybrid.
G. Milman, R. Langridge, and M.J. Chamberlin.
Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci., USA 57, 1804-1810 (1967).

Interactive Three-Dimensional Computer Graphics in Molecular Biology.
R. Langridge.
Fed. Proc. 33, 2332-2335 (1974).

Interactive Computer Graphics with the UNIX Time-Sharing System.
T.E. Ferrin and R. Langridge.
Computer Graphics 13, 320-331 (1980).

Real Time Color Graphics in Studies of Molecular Interactions.
R. Langridge, T.E. Ferrin, I.D. Kuntz, and M.L. Connolly.
Science 211, 661-666 (1981).

Computer Graphics in Drug Design: Molecular Modeling of Thyroid Hormone-Prealbumin Interactions.
J.M. Blaney, E.C. Jorgensen, M.L. Connolly, T.E. Ferrin, R. Langridge, S.J. Oatley, J.M. Burridge, and C.C.F. Blake.
J. Med. Chem. 25, 785-790 (1982).

A Geometric Approach to Macromolecule-Ligand Interactions.
I.D. Kuntz, J.M. Blaney, S.J. Oatley, R. Langridge, and T.E. Ferrin.
J. Mol. Biol. 161, 269-288 (1982).

Van der Waals Surfaces in Molecular Modeling: An Implementation Using Real-Time Computer Graphics.
P. Bash, N. Pattabiraman, C. Huang, T.E. Ferrin, and R. Langridge.
Science 222, 1325-1327 (1983).

Computer Graphics in Real-Time Docking with Energy Calculation and Minimization.
N. Pattabiraman, M. Levitt, T.E. Ferrin, and R. Langridge.
J. Comput. Chem. 6, 432-436 (1985).

Calculation of the Relative Change in Binding Free Energy of a Protein-Inhibitor Complex.
P.A. Bash, U.C. Singh, F.K. Brown, R. Langridge, and P.A. Kollman.
Science 235, 574-576 (1987).

Free Energy Calculation by Computer Simulation.
P.A. Bash, U.C. Singh, R. Langridge, and P.A. Kollman.
Science 236, 564-568 (1987).

The MIDAS Display System.
T.E. Ferrin, C.C. Huang, L.E. Jarvis, and R. Langridge
J. Mol. Graphics 6, 13-27 (1988).

Improvement in Protein Secondary Structure Prediction by An Enhanced Neural Network.
D.G. Kneller, F.E. Cohen, and R. Langridge.
J. Mol. Biol. 214, 171-182 (1990).

A Report on Computing in Molecular Biology - Mapping and Interpreting Biological Information
E.S. Lander, R. Langridge and D.M. Saccocio
Communications of the ACM 34, 33-39 (1991).

Taxonomy and Conformational Analysis of Loops in Proteins
C.S. Ring, D.G. Kneller, R. Langridge and F.E. Cohen
J.Mol.Biol 224, 685-699, (1992).

Automated Site-Directed Drug Design Using Molecular Lattices
R.A. Lewis, D.C. Roe, C.C. Huang, T.E. Ferrin, R. Langridge and I.D. Kuntz
J.Mol.Graphics 10, 66-78, (1992).

Three Dimensional Molecular Graphics
R. Langridge
Science 267, 1890-1891, (1995)

Selected Articles and Chapters in Books

The Refinement of Nucleic Acid Structures.
R. Langridge and A.W. MacEwan.
In Proceedings of the IBM Scientific Computing Symposium on Computer-Aided Experimentation pp. 305-325, IBM, (1966).

Interactive Three-Dimensional Computer Graphics in Molecular Biology.
R. Langridge.
In Computers in Life Science Research, pp. 53-59. Edited by W. Siler and D.A.B. Lindberg. New York: Plenum Publishing Corp., (1975).

Computing in Crystallography: The Early Days.
R. Langridge and J.P. Glusker.
In Patterson and Pattersons Fifty Years of the Patterson Function, pp. 383-407. Edited by J.P.Glusker, B.K. Patterson, and E.M. Rossi. London: Oxford University Press, (1987).

The Early Days of Molecular Graphics.
R. Langridge.
In Molecular Structure: Chemical Reactivity and Biological Activity, pp. 583-587. Edited by J.J. Stezowski, J.-L. Huang, and M.-C. Shao. London: Oxford University Press, (1988).

Introduction to Computer Graphics and Its Use for Displaying Molecular Structures.
R. Langridge and T.E. Klein.
In Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry, pp. 413-429. Edited by C. Hansch, P.G. Sammes, J.B. Taylor, and C.A. Ramsden. Oxford: Pergamon Press, (1990).