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Tool: Surface Color

Surface Color colors surfaces by:

... corresponding to color command coloring by map value and by distance. See also: Render by Attribute, Color Key, coulombic, mlp, making images, ChimeraX videos: coloring by electrostatic potential, coloring a map by local resolution

The Surface Color dialog can be opened from the Depiction or Volume Data section of the Tools menu and manipulated like other panels (more...).

The surface to color should be chosen from the list of available surface models, and the type of coloring designated. Coloring by distance:

Coloring by a specified map:

A series of color wells is shown, with fields below them to enter the corresponding values. Choosing to color by electrostatic potential fills in the values (if they were blank) to span the range -10 to +10. If no values are filled in, the entire range of values (as defined by the surface points and the data) will be spread across the colors when Color is clicked. The number of color/value pairs can be changed in the options. The colors can be changed individually by clicking a color well and using the system color editor, or collectively by choosing a palette in the options.

Clicking Color colors the surface according to the current settings, whereas Uncolor returns the surface to its previous single-color setting (which is not necessarily how it was colored immediately before Color was clicked, but see also undo). Clicking Key starts the Color Key tool and draws a color key to match the current Surface Color settings. Help shows this page in the Help Viewer.

Clicking Options shows/hides additional options:

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