Greg's Open Source Software

This an assorted bunch of software that I have written or have co-written while at the UCSF Computer Graphics Laboratory. Please send me bug reports, accolades, money, etc.

C++ Software

This software will eventually be part of a new OTF release. In the mean time, some of the more useful parts are available here. This software requires ISO standard C++ and works on *NIX and Windows (98/NT or later).

WrapPy is a program that reads C++ header files and generates a Python module interface.

pstreams (gzip tar file) (zip file)
Pstreams are to pipes what fstreams are to files.

GetOpt (gzip tar file) (zip file)
GetOpt is a C++ class for parsing *NIX command line arguments.

null.h provides type-safe version of the NULL macro called null.

*NIX Software

All of the C++ software above works on *NIX systems.

mkmanpath looks at a user's PATH environment variable and construct the corresponding MANPATH environment variable.

Hunt is a terminal-based multi-player maze shoot 'em up game. It needs to be ported to Linux (patches accepted), but works on most other *NIX systems. Historically, hunt played an important part in debugging the original (BSD) UNIX networking code.

SGI Software

All of the C++ and *NIX software above works on SGI systems.

movelight.c is a modified version of the glut3.7/progs/redbook/movelight.c that demonstrates how to use GL_SGIX_fragment_lighting, the SGI OpenGL fragment lighting extension.

icontest is program for the SGI Interactive desktop(TM) (a.k.a.Indigo Magic Desktop) for testing new icon scripts. Unlike SGI's iconsmith program, icontest supports all of the icon scripting language, but is not an interactive editor.

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