Computer go goals
Win the world computer go championship at least once. Make Many Faces the most popular, and "standard" reference for a strong go program. Figure out how to make Many Faces learn. Get Many Faces' english conversation ability (on IGS) to fool more people.
Career goals
Create the ultimate processor and system that allow HP to crush all competition in the computer market.
C, computer architecture, VLSI design, processor microarchitecture, high speed muliprocessor/memory interconnect design, cache design.
Go, AI (searching, pattern recognition, natural language understanding, machine learning), high performance computing hardware.
Computer Go philosophy
Patterns and joseki make a program look good, but accurate reading is critical to a strong program.
Working on:
Beta release of Many Faces. Improving MFGO's strength, speed. Added game editor, suggestions, joseki test mode, and other UI enhancements. Using graded go problems for beginners for testing strength. Gets over 90% of Vol 1, over 80% of vol II correct. HP's next generation high end computer processors and systems.