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Tutorials can be viewed in any browser, but those with click-to-execute links should be viewed from within ChimeraX for the links to work. To view a web page from within ChimeraX, start ChimeraX and use the command open URL (substituting in the actual URL), or navigate here using the ChimeraX menu: Help... Tutorials.

Additional tutorials and demonstrations are available as videos. See also: ChimeraX presentations, ChimeraX recipes

ChimeraX Quick Start Guide (included in the User Guide). Contains click-to-execute links.
Protein-Ligand Binding Sites (included in the User Guide). Contains click-to-execute links. Surveying the parts of a structure, showing important residues, identifying H-bonds and contacts, and coloring surfaces by lipophilic and electrostatic potential.
Visualizing atomic models and cryoEM, X-ray, NMR, and AlphaFold data. January 2024. Contains click-to-execute links.
MOLE channel coloring by property. November 2022. Contains click-to-execute links.
ChimeraX cryoEM introduction looking at the mouse insulin receptor. April 2022. Contains click-to-execute links.
EM tomography ChimeraX tutorial looking at proteasomes around fibrils in neurons. Februrary 2022. Contains click-to-execute links.
Nanobody X-ray and EM models, updated January 2022. Contains click-to-execute links.
Coloring by Sequence Conservation, updated June 2021. Contains click-to-execute links.
Delta-opioid receptor ligand binding, updated January 2021. Contains click-to-execute links.
Structure Analysis and Comparison, HTML slides, updated January 2021. Contains click-to-execute links.
ATP synthase cryoEM tutorial given at Stanford-SLAC Workshop, January 2020. Contains click-to-execute links.
Alpha-synuclein fibrils ChimeraX tutorial for Rocky Mountain Laboratories workshop. September 2019.
Making movies, updated May 2019. Contains click-to-execute links.
DICOM in Virtual Reality (included in the User Guide). Video from February 26, 2019.
Hemoglobin sickle cell mutation with virtual reality. Video. February 26, 2019.
Inspecting cryoEM and molecular models with virtual reality. Video. February 26, 2019.
A virtual reality look at drugs docked to the μ-opioid receptor. Video. February 26, 2019.
Mutate scorpion toxin using ChimeraX with a virtual reality headset. June 11, 2018.
ChimeraX overview by Jean-Yves Sgro, University of Wisconsin-Madison, April 26, 2018.
Visualizing 4D light microscopy, April 21, 2017.
Making movies for cryoEM, April 11, 2017. Contains click-to-execute links. See also: ChimeraX webinar (Apr 2017)
Tutorials for ChimeraX plugins may be available in other locations. For example, ISOLDE has its own website with detailed documentation and tutorials. See also: ISOLDE webinar (Sep 2019)