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Tool: Renumber Residues

Renumber Residues changes the residue numbering in atomic models starting from 1 or another integer given by the user. The corresponding command is renumber.

To switch between numbering schemes already defined for biopolymer structures from the wwPDB, instead use setattr to change the atomic-model attribute res_numbering, with possible values author, canonical, or uniprot. See also: Change Chain IDs, Build Structure, Altloc Explorer, Check Waters, rename, save

Renumber Residues can be opened from the Structure Editing section of the Tools menu and manipulated like other panels (more...).

Either the currently selected residues or one or more chains chosen from the list in the dialog can be designated for renumbering. For chains, the following option is available:

Other settings:

Clicking Apply (or OK, which also dismisses the dialog) renumbers the residues. If the requested renumbering would result in multiple residues in the same chain having the same number, an error message will appear and the renumbering will not occur. Close simply closes the dialog, while Help opens this page in the Help Viewer.

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