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Tool: Molecule Display Toolbar

The Molecule Display Toolbar provides a series of icons for changing the display of atomic models or their selected parts with a single click. Like other tools, this interface can be opened from the Tools menu (more...). See also: Graphics Toolbar, Density Map Toolbar, Mouse Modes for Right Button toolbar, Basic Actions, making images

Clicking an icon shows the executed command in the Log. The selAtoms specifier indicates the current atomic selection, or if nothing is selected, all atomic models. Note there may be alternative commands for performing the same action.

Molecule Display icon description command equivalent
show atoms/bonds show selAtoms
hide atoms/bonds hide selAtoms
 show biopolymer ribbons (cartoons) show selAtoms ribbons

(same as cartoon selAtoms)

hide biopolymer ribbons hide selAtoms ribbons

(same as ~cartoon selAtoms)

show molecular surface show selAtoms surfaces

(same as surface selAtoms)

hide molecular surface hide selAtoms surfaces

(same as surface selAtoms hide)

stick-style atoms/bonds style selAtoms stick
sphere-style atoms style selAtoms sphere
ball-and-stick atoms/bonds style selAtoms ball
color-code heteroatoms by element color selAtoms byhetero
color-code chains by chain ID color selAtoms bychain
show hydrogen bonds hbonds selAtoms

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