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Tool: Meeting

Meeting allows sharing a scene between two or more ChimeraX instances running on different computers. Its main purpose is to allow multi-person virtual reality (VR) sessions in ChimeraX. It can also be used without VR, but in that case, a desktop screen-sharing program may be a more reliable alternative. Each participant is represented by a head-position image and hand-controller pointer cones so that participants can see each other pointing at objects in the scene. For non-VR participants, the camera view is synchronized, and the cone indicating the mouse pointer position of a non-VR user is displayed to others when the user pauses the mouse over a model, as for picking.

The Meeting tool allows changing some of the major settings for ChimeraX meetings, a subset of those available via the meeting command.

Dialog Settings and Buttons

The Meeting dialog can be opened from the General section of the Tools menu and manipulated like other panels (more...). Settings other than meeting name are remembered as preferences. The current settings can be reported with the meeting settings command.


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