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Toolbar: Markers

Icons in the Markers tab of the Toolbar (along with those in the Right Mouse tab) allow reassigning the function or “mouse mode” of:

(On Windows or Linux, right-click elsewhere in the ChimeraX interface raises a context menu.)

The icon for the current right-mouse assignment is highlighted in the Toolbar. A specific mouse button can only be assigned one function at a time.

With the related mousemode command, functions can be assigned to all mouse buttons (not just the right) and to scrolling, alone and in combination with modifier keys. See also: vr button, Trackpad preferences

Clicking any of the icons in the Markers tab shows the Marker Placement tool, if not already shown.

icon mousemode function description
mark maximum add marker at the nearest local maximum in volume data above the threshold along the line of sight
mark plane add marker in single-plane volume display
mark surface add marker at the nearest surface point along the line of sight
mark center add marker at the geometric center of the clicked surface blob, ignoring other blobs
mark point Place marker at the tip of the hand-controller cone in virtual reality
link markers select and link successively clicked markers
move markers drag marker to reposition
resize markers drag to adjust marker/link radii
delete markers delete markers and links

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