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Tool: File History

The File History lists previously opened files as images and names that can be clicked to reopen the data. This interface can be started as a separate tool from the Tools menu (more...) and/or shown in the main window as part of Rapid Access . See also: ChimeraX window, open

The File History shows thumbnail images and the filenames or identifiers of previously opened data. Clicking an image or name reopens the data, if it still exists, using the same options as used previously. Simply pausing the cursor over an image or filename without clicking shows the data's full pathname or database information.

The history is stored in a file and carries over between different ChimeraX sessions. Images are saved right after data files are opened. Each image shows the corresponding data in the absence of other models.

UCSF Resource for Biocomputing, Visualization, and Informatics / June 2017