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Fetch by ID

Choosing File... Fetch by ID from the menu opens a graphical interface for fetching atomic structures, density maps, and protein sequences directly into ChimeraX from online sources. This interface includes common fetch types and uses default options. Additional fetch types and/or different options (such as to limit the number of biological assemblies obtained) can be accessed with the open command. See also: Download DICOM, Build Structure, Volume Viewer, Sequence Viewer, Web Access preferences

Clicking the desired fetch type highlights it and shows an entry field for the appropriate identifier. Hitting return (Enter) or clicking the Fetch button opens the specified data in ChimeraX. The fetch type most recently used is remembered in preferences and automatically chosen the next time Fetch by ID is shown. Close simply dismisses the dialog, whereas Help opens this page in the Help Viewer.

Ignore cached fetches indicates whether to fetch the data from the source regardless of whether it is already present in the local cache. If the data is not yet cached or the option to ignore the cache is turned on, the file will be fetched anew from the source and cached. Web-fetched data are stored locally in ~/Downloads/ChimeraX/ (where ~ indicates a user's home directory), with subdirectories PDB, EMDB, etc.

Fetch types:

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