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Command: split

split  model-spec  [ chains ] [ ligands ] [ connected ] [ atoms  atom-spec ]n

The split command partitions atomic models into separate submodels in the hierarchy. For example, model #1 could be split into #1.1, #1.2, etc. Splitting parts of a model into separate submodels may facilitate their independent control, such as with Model Panel checkboxes or mouse modes that act on whole models.

As per the usual convention, a blank specification means “all.” That is, if no models are specified, all atomic models will be affected. There is no way to undo this operation except by reopening the original data.

How to split can be indicated with one or more of the following:

If none of the above are given, the chains method will be used. If there is nothing to split, the original model will be left unaltered.

UCSF Resource for Biocomputing, Visualization, and Informatics / February 2017