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Command: distance

distance  atom1   atom2  [ color  colorname ] [ radius  r ] [ dashes  N ]

~distance  atom-spec 

distance formatdecimalPlaces  N ] [ symbol  true | false ] [ save  true | false ]

The distance command adds a pseudobond between the specified atoms and labels it with the distance. The current distance is also reported in the Log. The label will update automatically to reflect any changes in distance, but updates are not sent to the Log. See also: clashes/contacts, hbonds, crosslinks, label

Distance-monitor pseudobonds are added to a model named distances, with properties matching the first monitor in the model unless different values are given:

color  colorname
Color to use for the pseudobonds (default yellow); can be changed later with color.
radius  r
Radius in Å to use for the pseudobonds (default 0.1); can be changed later with size.
dashes  N
Number of dashes per pseudobond (default 9). Only whole numbers are accepted, with 0 indicating solid sticks. Currently, odd numbers are rounded down to give an even number of dashes. The number of dashes can be changed later with style.

The ~distance command removes any distance monitors between specified atoms, or if nothing is specified, all distance monitors.

Distances are assumed to be in Angstroms. The distance format command controls distance-label format: the number of digits after the decimal point (initial default 3), whether to show the Angstrom symbol Å (initial default true), and whether to save these format settings in preferences. Parameters that are not specified retain their current values. Label color, size, and font can be adjusted with the label command.

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