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Command: cofr

cofrfrontCenter | centerOfView | fixed ] [ showPivot  true | false | length,radius ]


cofrspec | x,y,z ] [ coordinateSystem  model-spec ] [ showPivot  true | false | length,radius ]

The cofr command sets the center of rotation and/or changes how it is calculated. If no arguments are supplied, cofr reports the current center of rotation and calculation method in the Log. See also: view, mousemode , measure center

The first set of options specify the center of rotation method:

The remaining options specify a particular fixed center of rotation. If a spec is given, the center of rotation will be set to the center of the bounding box of the specified items (displayed parts only). Alternatively, the center can be entered as coordinates x,y,z. The coordinateSystem can be specified by reference model number. Otherwise, the scene coordinate system will be used.

The showPivot option toggles showing a crosshair representation of the center of rotation, or adjusts the length and radius of the crosshair axis cylinders. The initial default cylinder length and radius are 2 and 0.05 in data coordinate units, typically Å. The red, green, and blue axes are aligned with X, Y, and Z in the scene coordinate system.

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