Multiscale Coloring Command

January 11, 2006

Adds command msc for coloring surfaces created by the Multiscale tool to match the colors of nearby atoms. This is similar to the Color Zone tool only atoms for just one asymmetric unit of the multiscale model are needed in order to color the whole surface. Image shows rice dwarf virus (1uf2) colored according to b-factor.


Color multiscale model with id #1 to match atom colors of PDB model with id #0, coloring surface points at most 5 angstroms from an atom.

	msc #1 #0 5

Color only using atoms of chain A:

	msc #1 #0:.A 5

Restore the orignal multiscale coloring:

	~msc #1

Model ID numbers

Use the Model Panel (menu entry Favorites / Model Panel) to find out the model numbers.

Coloring atoms

The Render by Attribute tool (menu entry Tools / Depiction / Render by Attribute) can be used to color atoms according to B-factor.

Multiscale surfaces

The Multiscale Models tools (menu entry Tools / Higher-Order Structure / Multiscale Models) creates multiscale surfaces. Changing the multiscale surface resolution will erase the coloring.


	msc <multiscale-surface-id> <atom-spec> <coloring-range>

	~msc <multiscale-surface-id>


Developed for Padmaja Natarajan for coloring virus capsids using values in b-factor column of PDB file.