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objdisplay atom-spec

~objdisplay atom-spec

objdisplay model_number(s)

~objdisplay model_number(s)

The objdisplay command controls the model-level display of nonmolecular surface models and volume and VRML models. The command modeldisplay has the same function but additionally affects molecule and molecular surface models.

If the atom-spec is blank, all open objects will be affected. If an atom-spec is given, objects with model numbers corresponding to the specified atoms will be displayed. Alternatively, objects can be specified with one or more model numbers or ranges of model numbers separated by commas (with or without a preceding #).


objdisplay 1
- show the object associated with model number 1
objdisplay #1,5-8
- show the objects associated with model numbers 1 and 5 through 8
~objdisplay :/isHelix
- hide any objects sharing a model number with amino acid residues in helices

See also: display, modeldisplay, surface, the Model Panel